We are ecstatic and completely BLOWN AWAY by the phenomenal community that is Opening Act! Over the course of 10 days, 1307 individuals came together from 39 states and 5 countries to say YES to our students, opening up a whole new world of possibilities to them!

With our ambitious and critical goal of $100,000 EXCEEDED, we are thrilled to additionally receive IHS Markit’s generous challenge grant of $15,000, making our grand total $120,332… and counting!!

Want to see how our students and teaching artists responded to the good news?

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Didn’t get a chance to donate during the campaign? You can still be a part of the #POWEROFYES and DONATE! Every dollar makes a huge impact on our programs and students.

We cannot possibly thank our extraordinary Team Leaders* enough for going ABOVE AND BEYOND. Thank you also to the incredible team who helped us create our Daily Sparks: our amazing young people, alums, Teaching Artists, Board Members, staff, and teachers in the videos, Jacob Gabbard, Ebenezer Arthur, Haldane McFall, Sara Appelbaum, Gen Bozak, Victoria Lacy, Jonathan Klein, Caleb Grandoit, Jose Fernandez, Evan Kaufman, and Guggenheim Productions. And last, but certainly not least, our AMAZING sponsor, IHS Markit!!

We are so deeply honored by and grateful for your generosity. Thank you. And YES!!!!


Thank You, Extraordinary Team Leaders!

Adam Sanders, Aisha Harris, Ali Kamin, Allen Askew, Allison Matty, Ally Parker, Amanda Rich, Andrea Beecher, Andrew Schorr, Ari Joseph, Azza Satti, Benjamin Lundberg, Beth White, Cathleen Carr, Christian Boscherini, Christina Morales, Caitlin Gaspar, Claire Florian, Cristi Andrews Cohen, Daiva Deupree, Dana Musat, Dana Everitt, Danielle Levanas, Deborah Newburg, Diane Jackson, Diana Greenwald, Ed Chidsey, Eddie Prunoske, Elizabeth Buckley Lewis, Elizebeth Phan, Erika Atkins, Evan Kaufman, Eve Gigliotti, Frank Dos Santos, Gina Lewis, Greg Hall, Greg von Portz, Gus and Charlie Jackson, Hakeem Jefferson, Halima Henderson, Harriett D. Foy, Helen Lin, Hershal Shah, Iliana Guibert, Isaiah Alicea, Jack Colombini, Jamie Trowbridge, Janeé Ojaiko, Jared Gertner, Jeffrey Billingham, Jen Pehr, Jennifer Blood, Jennifer Boyd Beverage, Jennifer Jackson, Jessica Henson, Joe Howe, John Cowan, Jon Ross, Jonathan Schorr, Jonathan Wang, Julia Kamin, Julia Sirna-Frest, Kaitlin Ryan, Katrina Drummond, Kit Yan, Kym Blanchard, Lauren Merkel, Lauren Kiel Sabato, Leah Day, Lily Raabe, Lisa Akey, Lisa Mishkin, Liza Eliano, Loren Black, Lori Kipnis, Luke Doyle, Maggie Katz, Mallory Duncan, Marc Menchaca, Marcus Gardley, Marcus Johnson, Marie Cecile Anderson, Mary Johnson, Matt Walters, Matt Hoverman, Matt Sabato, Maza Myrie, Meghan O’Connor, Melissa Wolf, Meredith Hellman, Michael Fleming, Michael Gillman, Michael Mastro, Michelle Russell, Nancy Comerford, Nayiri Sarkissian, Nicole Kwan, Patrick Vassel, Paul Gutkowski, Paul Cellupica, Peachy Myers, Peter Gardett, Porscha Rippy, Rahul Tripathi, Rajat Bhatnagar, Rhonda Atkins, Richard Hester, Robin Marshall, RohiniPragasam, Roy Koshy, Sam Kim, Samara Graham, Sarah Fabiny, Sari Granat, Sasha Greensfelder, Shelly Feldman Sussler, Stacie Gillman, Studio System, Susan Mufson, Sustainable Sisterhood, Suzy Myers Jackson, Tarek Dabbous, Ted O’Connor, TemesgenAsmerom, Theresa Perkins, Timothy Shopa, Toby Lawless, Tricia Olds, Yevgeniya Levitin, Zena Hinds


The #POWEROF10 is all about harnessing the power of small donations. This year Opening Act’s groundbreaking annual online fundraising campaign is YOUR chance to say yes. Your chance to create that critical moment that changes an Opening Act student’s life.  

What is YES? Watch this video to find out more – it’s unlike anything we’ve ever done before.


The #POWEROFYES is an incredible thing. We’ve all had a critical yes in our lives, a moment when someone truly saw us, a moment when we took a chance, a YES that changed our course in life.  For many Opening Act students, that critical yes is the moment they choose to join Opening Act. They say yes to community, to telling their stories, to infinite possibilities.

THE #POWEROF10 is YOUR chance to say yes. Our goal is to raise $100,000 in 10 days from October 19 – October 28. You can say YES by donating or becoming a Team Leader who gets 10 friends to give!

It only takes one YES to change the world.

Say YES at

SPECIAL THANKS: to our amazing young people in the video, Director Jacob Gabbard, Director of Photography Haldane McFall, Assistant Director Sara Appelbaum, Set Production Assistants Gen Bozak and Victoria Lacy, Advisor Jonathan Klein, Voiceover and Script Collaborator Caleb Grandoit, and Guggenheim Productions for generously providing studio space.

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