As a child, acting played a major role in Ebenezer’s life. He first stepped into the acting scene to play the cowardly lion in his elementary school’s rendition of the Wizard of Oz. Ebenezer stole the show with an amazing roar. Since then, he has looked for unique ways to express his creativity. While studying architectural design at Samuel Gompers High School, Ebenezer joined the afterschool program Opening Act, where he learned the importance of working as a community and saying “Yes and” to your fellow actors. When Ebenezer entered the City College of New York, he decided to focus on creativity, storytelling, and communications as a career. Ebenezer learned illustrative, visual interpretation, and observation skills that helped him stand out and create a unique style of graphic design. Ebenezer graduated The City College of New York with a B.F.A in Electronic Design and Multimedia, with extensive experience through an array of different projects. He continues to be inspired by various forms of art and incorporates his observations into his work. As an alumni, Ebenezer is excited to join Opening Act, where he’s in a unique position that grants him insight into the programs day to day activities while being a former student.

Meet Julia.

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