Throughout her childhood, art has been a big part of her life. It all started in ballet class at the young age of 7, Keren was intrigued to see such graceful movements being made before her eyes. So the next day she joined the class after school. She tried hard to copy each movement the instructor made. However, it was difficult with a full bladder. Keren asked the dance instructor for a bathroom pass. The instructor denied. Well…what happens when a young child has a full bladder and has to go
right away? Great! Since you already know, you are spared from reading what happened next! This traumatic experience had left 7 year old Keren feeling as if maybe performing was not for her after all. Little did she know she would be performing on stages throughout her life. In various churches, she found herself either singing, dancing or acting in front of the audiences from the age of 9 to now. The love of art has grown within her and it wasn’t until she partook in an afterschool program in 2017-2018 at Clara Barton High School that the realization had hit her. That afterschool program was Opening Act. Through Opening Act she learned that she has a voice and with her voice she can make a difference. Keren graduated high school in 2018 with honors, a certification in Medical Assistant and Billing and Coding Specialist. She also became an Alumni of Opening Act. She kept in touch with Opening Act as she is currently pursuing her degree in Nursing. Making a difference takes a community but one voice for many is heard. She hopes to pursue her other passions (producer, videographer, actress) in the near future. Thankfully opening act has numerous opportunities for the Alumni’s, she is currently an Act 2 Fellow. She will be learning the skills that she needs to advance in her professional endeavors whilst making a difference. As she journeys through life, her main goal is to glorify God, helping others and making a positive impact in people’s lives.

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