Marion’s draw to theatre has always been community though finding a space to connect and create as a young artist often felt allusive. Growing up in the hustle and bustle of New York meant that there were an abundant amount of opportunities but few felt inclusive and accessible. The search for and desire to create these spaces have fueled much of her trajectory. 

Marion remained true to her NYC roots, receiving her BA in Theatre from CUNY Hunter College. She went on to be a founding member of Sinteatro-Intimus, a theatre company with a focus on creating original work inspired by the socio-political landscape of various South American communities. She performed for several years as well as branched into directing and producing. 

After a few years of navigating the auditioning landscape, Marion realized she needed to reconnect with the community aspect of theatre that she had felt most invested in when she was first introduced to performing as a teenager. She decided to pursue a Master’s degree at the CUNY School of Professional Studies in Applied Theatre where she could hone her ability to use theatre for educational and social justice purposes.

Marion has worked as a teaching artist for organizations such as the Creative Arts Team, People’s Theatre Project, New York City Children’s Theater, Drama Club, The Moth, and Opening Act. In 2020, she was also welcomed to the Opening Act staff as the Program Assistant. 

Marion lives in Long Island, NY with her husband and their orange tabby cat, Didi.

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