Nadair is a graduate of LaGuardia Community College with an Associate’s Degree in Theatre. He is an outgoing spirit that was taken in by Opening Act six years ago and never decided to leave. He joined the program his freshman year at Cobble Hill high school in Downtown Brooklyn. He graduated in 2017 and since then has continued his involvement in Opening Act through the alumni network, boosting his interest and passion for acting. Nadair wants to star in films and hopes that what he has learned through Opening Act’s after school programs and performances will contribute to achieving his dream. At LaGuardia CC, he showcased his talents and what Opening Act had sprinkled onto him. Nadair played the role of Pylades in Electra and contributed to the set design for the production of Anonymous.  In his free time, if he isn’t studying movie scenes from his favorite Denzel films, he’s practicing monologues or drawing. That’s right, he is a true artist. In his second to last semester at LaGuardia CC, Nadair discovered a new career interest in being a mentor. He is very excited to work with his Opening Act teaching artists as an Act 2 Fellow and to prioritize the youth.

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