Sarah grew up in Madison, Wisconsin in a musical household. Her parents made concerted efforts to expose her to the arts, spending summers at drama camp and evenings in dance class. Sarah found herself in public schools with robust arts education programming and joined an in-school touring High School social justice theater group, MULTICO, writing and performing skits to Elementary and Middle School students throughout Wisconsin. MULTICO offered opportunities for students of color with a varied range of exposure to the arts to experiment, learn, and grow as an ensemble. As Sarah prepared to leave for college, she watched as her school district debated the importance of programs such as MULTICO, and their ability to continue to fund them. She finished High School unsure if the programs that had been so formative for her and her community would continue to be available and began to understand how the funding cuts she experienced in her hometown were echoed on a national scale. This resulted in three things: an intense dedication to understanding education policy, a devotion to continue practicing social justice based theater work, and motivation to support arts access in public schools. Sarah left Wisconsin to attend Swarthmore College in pursuit of these three things, earning her B.A. in Educational Studies, Theatre and Sociology. Eager to continue learning, she was selected to participate in the inaugural year of the Downtown Brooklyn Arts Management Fellowship where she worked alongside six women of color committed to equity and accessibility within the arts and culture non-profit sector. Sarah joined Opening Act as their Program Coordinator in the Summer of 2018, realizing three more things: a passion for supporting and lifting up the voices of young people, a validation of the the long lasting positive impact of the arts for herself and for others, and the unmatched joy she finds when working in the theater community.

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