Alumni Spotlight: Cynthia Fontaine

What high school did you go to and when did you graduate?

Cobble Hill School of American Studies. Graduating Class of 2011

What is the DREAM you are working to achieve?

Ultimately, I want to be on the stage or behind it. I am halfway there, but of course I would like to pursue it more. I’ve been on the stage since high school. Since then I’ve also been in two of my other alma mater’s productions. I would now love to be behind the scenes and get best of both worlds, seeing what’s behind the stage or camera.

How has Opening Act fueled your engine to create?

Essentially, Opening Act was a door that I gladly stepped through and to this day I do not regret it. I was always a creative individual but OA enhanced my writing and thought skills. Improv was never my strong suit, but now I love it and I’m always quick on my feet. That’s the lesson that I took away from this entire experience, be quick on your feet and always say “YES and”. I like to write much more now and my wheels are turning more than ever.

How will you know your dream has been accomplished?

When I’ll know I’ve given everything I can, when I see my name in at least the directing or producing credits, and lastly when my children come to me and say that they’ve joined Opening Act, I’ll know my DREAM is accomplished.

Where do you see yourself after you’ve accomplished your DREAM?

Everyone always sees themselves on the screen or on the stage acting, I just want to see myself happy.