Making History and Sparking Change!

Hello Opening Act Community!

During Black History Month (and always!) Opening Act is proud to provide a stage for Young Black Artists to tell their stories, make history, and spark change every day. We are dedicated to following in the footsteps of Black History Trailblazers and continuing to change history for the better!

Follow @openingactny on Social Media as we celebrate Black History Month with Young Black Artists Making History and the Black History Trailblazers who paved the way!


Listening is one of Opening Act’s six core values! In our classrooms and on our stages, we are committed to listening to and learning from one another’s stories, experiences, and ideas. 


Check out our newest OA4All video, How to Make a Documentary Film, featuring Opening Act Alum, and filmmaker, Christine Pluviose, and join us TODAY (Feb. 4) at noon for Hi Noon Improv! (Register HERE!) Follow us on social media for updates (@openingactforall), and check out our youtube channel ( for tons of great videos!

Thanks for joining us in celebrating Young Black Artists Making History each and every day!

Onwards and upwards!
Opening Act