New Cast Members! Anthony Ramos + 3 superstar OA alums!

It’s a new year full of new possibilities, and we are thrilled to announce four new additions to our Opening Act cast! Anthony Ramos (HAMILTON, IN THE HEIGHTS), Odley Jean (GRAND ARMY, OA Alum) Brittany Adebumola (GRAND ARMY, OA Alum), and Caleb Grandoit (GRAND ARMY, OA Alum) have joined our Artistic Advisory Board!

Odley, Brittany, and Caleb are former OA students who are achieving their professional acting dreams (if you haven’t seen them in GRAND ARMY yet, get on it – they’ll blow you away!), and Anthony has been an incredible mentor and supporter of OA students and alums for many years. Anthony recently spent an afternoon with us, and he shared so many jewels of wisdom! Here are a few that we’re carrying with us into the new year!


“Show up as much as you can! You never know the magic that can happen from you just being there.”

“I always check in with myself as I’m growing, learning, changing. Am I okay? Am I still here?”

“As long as that fire is still burning in you, never quit!”

“Work hard, be prepared, do your best.”

Yes, AND to that! We’re so grateful to have Anthony, Odley, Brittany, and Caleb join us in sharing their artistry, vision, and passion for Opening Act! 


Opening Act’s Artistic Advisory Board is a group of professional artists and key supporters (Kristen Bell, Uzo Aduba, Aja Naomi King, and more!) who serve as ambassadors for our programs, mentors for our students and alums, and advocates for fulfilling our mission of providing equitable, healing-centered, joyful arts education.

Yes, AND is one of Opening Act’s core values! In improv (and in life!), saying “Yes, AND!” encourages us to accept others’ contributions and expand upon their offer in return. We use it on our stages, in our classrooms, and throughout our day-to-day lives – if you haven’t done so already, give Yes, AND a try!