New Year, New Act!

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“This program helped me with any and every question I had
about college and what to expect.”

Darlene | Act 2 Cohort Member


In September, we announced the launch of our Strategic Plan and our commitment to help our students #connectthedots to their Act 2



Act 2 is Opening Act’s College and Career Readiness program. Opening Act has always helped students develop positive self image, collaborative ability, and creative problem solving skills; with the introduction of Act 2 we are showing students how the principles they’ve embraced through our after school programming can help them find success in higher education and the world of work


Act 2 is innovating the college access space by utilizing the unique skills and assets of our organization:

– We are helping young people develop the social-emotional skills necessary to navigate a daunting and new process.

– We are using theater and improv to allow students to ‘try out’ roles and scenarios that are otherwise unknown and untested by them.

– And we are supporting students as they form a unique and tight-knit community that is infused with the core values of Opening Act: Respecting, Showing Up, Listening, YES ANDing, Empowering, and Including.

– This semester, our pilot cohort of enthusiastic seniors will continue to meet weekly to develop the skills closely linked with college and career success. 
– They will prepare for paid internships, made possible by our partnership with Futures and Options. 
– They will mentor high school juniors and prepare next year’s Act 2 cohort to hit the ground running with college applications. 
– And they will continue to support one another, lifting each other up as Opening Act students always do, declaring a resounding “YES” to the bright futures ahead of them.

Thank you for your incredible support, without which none of our work is possible.

And a special thank you to David Katzenstein for so beautifully capturing our Act 2 Cohort at the beginning of this process (full album here). 

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