Opening Act Alumni Spotlight: Christine Pluviose

Opening Act Alumni Spotlight Christine

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What high school did you go to and when did you graduate?

I attended Clara Barton High School and I graduated June 2016.

What’s your biggest goal in life right now?

Right now my biggest goal is to finish two documentary film projects I’m working on by May. It’s a really exciting time for me because I’m telling stories in ways I’ve never imagined doing. I’m also working on getting a new camera and some equipment so I can keep putting out projects that are in the best quality possible.

Can you tell me about a memorable experience you’ve had with Opening Act?

It was either freshman or sophomore year and it was the last day of class. We were all in a circle basically talking about how much we loved each other and how much we’ll miss each other; the usual gushy mushy stuff. Everyone had a turn and then it was Maggie’s turn to speak.  She explained that every year she picks out a student and gives them recognition. I’m thinking cool, that’s nice of her and I’m looking around the room trying to guess who it would be. Then I noticed she was looking at me and she said my name. I was completely taken by surprise and I asked “Me? Are you sure? Why?”

In my eyes there were so many other students she could have chosen from. I didn’t think I did anything special other than show up. She explained that the reason I was being recognized was because of how creative and helpful I was throughout the year. That whenever I came to her at the end of class and whisper ideas in her ear about what we can add to the show she was amazed. I know when I first joined Opening Act I was still a little closed off so I wasn’t comfortable with sharing my ideas when the time came because I was scared. After hearing all that I cried, what Maggie said to me unleashed a confidence I never felt before. Maggie gave my self esteem and self worth a boost I desperately needed at the time and I don’t think I would have realized my talent as soon as I did if it weren’t for what she said. Thank you Maggie.

How does that experience influence your life today?

I’ve learned to acknowledge myself when I do a good job. I give myself a lot more recognition for the things I do even if it’s something small. Before that day I never did that.

What’s your favorite song right now?

I listen to so much music I can’t narrow it down to only two songs. But my two favorite artists right now are Solange, her album A Seat at the Table is phenomenal and Noname whose mixtape Telefone is just as phenomenal. Both women make amazing music. When I listen to their music I see myself in them.

What do you see yourself accomplishing in the next 5 years?

In five years I see myself graduating from film school. Most likely I will have new camera equipment and hopefully a couple of short films out that could possibly turn into big films. I have a lot of things I want to do with my life in general but in five years these things will be done.

A Message from Christine:

Thank you so much Opening Act for this amazing opportunity and the wealth of experience and exposure I’ve gained since our relationship began.  You’re a wonderful organization but you’ve become great extended family and wonderful friends.  Thank you for your encouragement and helping me gain my fluttering wings of confidence.  My hope is that you continue to share and expand your vision at Opening Act. I wish you guys all the best and I know you’ll continue to inspire and support others as much as you’ve done for me along with numerous other students.

Check out Christine’s documentary, “Where We At”! 

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