We asked you to #DOBIG – and you delivered!

Over the course of 10 days, 1164 individuals came together from 36 states and 5 countries to #DREAMBIG #BEBIG #DOBIG!

With our ambitious and critical goal of $100,000 EXCEEDED, we are thrilled to additionally receive IHS Markit’s generous challenge grant of $15,000, making our grand total $128,400!!

Join our all-star alum Remington “The Dream Generator” as he celebrates with an epic dance party!

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Didn’t get a chance to donate during the campaign? You can still #DREAMBIG #BEBIG #DOBIG and DONATE! Every dollar makes a huge impact on our programs and students.

Thank you also to the incredible team who helped us create our Daily Sparks: the amazing Remington Allen, our Opening Act students, staff, alums, Teaching Artists, Board, Social Board, and Artistic Advisory Board Members, as well as our production team Jacob Gabbard, Haldane McFall, Kelly Rockwell, Alice Plati, Matilda McFall, and Cathleen Carr. And last, but certainly not least, our AMAZING sponsor, IHS Markit!!

We are so deeply honored by and grateful for your generosity. Thank you. Our goal to #connectthedots for our students to #DREAMBIG #BEBIG #DOBIG has just begun. We can’t wait to show you what’s next. 
Suzy & all of Opening Act

Thank You, Extraordinary Team Leaders!
Agnes Chrakowiecka, Ali Kamin, Allison Matty, Andrea Beecher, Andrew Eisen, Andrew Schorr, April Semilla, Armani Johnson, Ashia Johnson, Ashleigh Awusie, Benjamin Lundberg, Brittany Adebumola, Brittany Bellizeare, Carmine Salute III, Cathleen Carr, Charles Moran, Christy Johnson, Claire Florian, Cori Rosen, Cristi Andrews Cohen, Cristin Boyle, Daiva Deupree, Dan Buell, Diane Jackson, Diane Taylor, Ed Chidsey, Elisabeth Hatab Schaefer, Elizabeth Buckley Lewis, Emily Comisar, Erika Atkins, Evan Kaufman, Florinda Montanaro, Frank Dos Santos, Franko Agostini, Gabrielle Gilliam, Gabrielle Goubran, Gina Lewis, Greg VanHorn, Gus and Charlie Jackson, Hakeem Jefferson, Halima Henderson, Helen Lin, Iliana Guibert, Jackie Harr, James McLoughlin, Jamie Trowbridge, Jared Gertner, Jason Boxer, Jean Schawaroch, Jeff Billingham, Jen Pehr, Jennifer Jackson, Jessica Linder, Jo Anthony, John Colombini, John Cowan, Johnny Mickens, Jon Adam Ross, Jonathan Schorr, Jonathan Wang, Julia Kamin, Julia Sirna-Frest, Katie Chatzopoulos, Kaitlin Ryan, Kym Blanchard, Leah Day VanHorn,Leanna Prendergast, Lily Raabe, Lisa Akey, Liza Eliano, Liza Miller, Loren Black, Luke Doyle, Madhukar Ramu, Maggie Robinson, Mallory Duncan, Marc Menchaca, Marcus Johnson, Marie Cecile Anderson, Mary Johnson, Matthew Greene, Meg McInerney, Meghan O’Connor, Michael Fleming, Michael Mastro, Nancy Comerford, Nicholas Godec, Nicole Kwan, Njeri Njeri, Omar Beer, Pam Hacker, Paris Crayton, Pat O’Kelly, Paul Cellupica, Paul Gutkowski, Pauline Abishai, Rachel Chavkin, Rahul Tripathi, Richard Hester, Robin Marshall, Rohini Pragasam, Sammuel Kim, Sarah Fabiny, Sarah Sacks, Sari Granat, Shelly Feldman Sussler, Simon Vollmer, Susan Richardson, Sustainable Sisterhood, Suzanne Chisholm, Suzy Myers Jackson, Theresa Perkins, Tim Roach, Tim Shopa, Toby Kovacs, Toby Lawless, Toccarra Cash, Tracey Bookall, Warachal Faison, Will Detlefsen, Yuliana Rendon, Zena Hinds