Opening Act for All

Opening Act for All is FREE online arts education for anyone, anywhere!

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 Before You Start a Production Company…
⭐ How to Create Characters in Improv
⭐ How to Write your First Screenplay
⭐ Fundamentals of Photography
⭐ How To Make a Short Documentary
⭐ How to use Leading Centers in Acting
How to Break Down a Monologue
⭐ How to Research College Acting Programs
⭐ Hip Hop Dance with Nathasha “Nash” Bell
⭐ How to Warm Up Like a Real Dancer
⭐ Engage Little Kids with Imaginative Play
How to Prepare For a College Audition
⭐ How to Act a Song in Vocal Performance
⭐ Center yourself > Chillhop Meditation
⭐ How to Yes, And… in Improv

Opening Act for All FAQ

Who can enjoy Opening Act for All?
ANYONE! ANYWHERE! Opening Act for All is FREE, virtual arts experiences designed for young people ages 12-21. Programming is accessible and engaging to ANYONE interested in developing their creative muscles!

How does Opening Act for All work?
Engage at your own pace! We are regularly adding new video lessons to our YouTube channel. The first rule of theater being show, don’t tell, check out this lesson from Grand Army star and Opening Act Alum, Brittany Adebumola!


How can I engage more?
First thing, head over to Instagram and join our vibrant IG community so you don’t miss your cue! And, take a challenge! At the end of each video, we invite you to try the exercise, take a video, and share with us! 

Are there live events?

Hi Noon Improv, our free, weekly 30 minute improv workshop taught on Zoom! All are welcome and no experience is necessary. 

Hi Noon Improv, Zoom improv class

#FreeStyleFriday is our semi-weekly, live series where you can connect virtually in real time, build community, and socially engage with accomplished artists and surprise guests! Check out interviews Opening Act students and alums have had with Geoffrey Arendt, Guillermo Díaz, and Hampton Fluker!

What should I do right now?
Subscribe to our YouTube channel, follow Opening Act for All on Instagram, and connect with us on Facebook!

Can schools get involved?
Sure! Consider Opening Act for All another tool in your toolbox as you work tirelessly to engage and activate students during this challenging time. Drop us an email if you would like to discuss ways we can support you in engaging your students with our synchronous and asynchronous content. Email Cathleen to connect. 

I’m homeschooling, does this work for me and my kids? 
Absolutely. We’ve specifically included synchronous workshops and events so young people can feel connected to a larger community. 

Let the fun begin! 

Thank you!

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