“Thank you so much, Opening Act, for this amazing opportunity. Thank you for your encouragement and for helping me gain my fluttering wings of confidence.”

Christine Pluvoise | Opening Act Alum (Brooklyn) | Attending (Hostos Community College)

See what Christine’s mom and teaching artist have to say about her time at Opening Act.

Christine joined Opening Act as first-year high school student who felt closed-off, uncomfortable, and nervous about sharing her ideas. Opening Act gave her the power of self-assurance.

After spending a year in the program, Christine had a breakthrough. Her teaching artist, Maggie Robinson, announced that she had chosen one student who deserved recognition for her creativity, her contributions to the performance, and her helpfulness in the classroom. Christine looked around the room, trying to guess which student Maggie was speaking about. She was shocked to hear her own name.

“In my eyes, there were so many other students she could have chosen. I didn’t think I did anything special other than show up,” Christine recalls. “What Maggie said about me unleashed a confidence I never felt before. Maggie gave my self-esteem and self-worth a boost I desperately needed at the time.”

As Christine pursues her passion for filmmaking, Maggie’s words stay with her. “I’ve learned to acknowledge myself when I do a good job,” Christine says. “I give myself a lot more recognition for everything I do, even if it’s something small. Before Opening Act, I never did that.”

Sandra Pluvoise

Christine’s mother

According to her mother, Sandra Pluvoise, the teachings of Opening Act supported Christine on and off the stage: “Not only did she learn to perform in front of others, but Christine was able to think on her feet and use those creative ideas in various situations inside and outside of Opening Act. She learned that her ideas were important because people took notice of her and appreciated her contributions.”

Sandra noticed how much Opening Act motivated Christine and helped her to transform into a confident young woman: “She’s not afraid to voice her opinion, and yet she allows others to speak their minds and be heard­—even if the opinions of others conflict with hers. Christine is no longer the silent type. She has a knack for getting others to listen and a voice that beckons others to hear what she has to say.”

Cathleen Carr

Teaching Artist, Clara Barton Campus

Cathleen Carr, one of Christine’s teaching artists, believes that Opening Act helped Christine realize her true calling: “Christine is a very gifted storyteller and performer. Opening Act was a much-needed space for her to develop her voice as an artist. The experience she had at Opening Act catapulted her towards documentary filmmaking…I think she is doing exactly what she’s supposed to be doing right now – sharing compelling and beautiful stories with the world…Her work as an artist will have a long-lasting impact on our culture, I am convinced of this! o developed many of the so-called soft skills needed to succeed: communication, creativity, tolerance for others, teamwork and pure and simple grit and determination to stay the course. Socially, she grew as she connected with talented students whom she would emulate. Academically, Opening Act gave her more confidence to speak her mind in class, even when her opinion was not a popular one.  She learned to hold her ground!”

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