Rahul Tripathi

Rahul is CFO/COO of The Brearley School in NYC, a nationally renown K-XII Independent School for girls. With great enthusiasm he brings 20+ years of leadership experience in the finance, operations, and strategy of non-profits to the Board of Opening Act as Co-President. Rahul enjoys working with the board and staff on varied projects, always informed by an intimate understanding of the mission and culture of the organization. Outside of his work, Rahul is a fan of the arts and many of the other splendid things NYC has to offer, he’s also an unabashed foodie (both cooking and eating!) and has serious wanderlust.

Why Opening Act?

“I’ve seen the impact of our program on the lives of many of tour students and it is absolutely transformative. I am forever in awe of the efficient and impactful way in which we deliver our program; which is nominally about theater programs in public schools but is really about doing our part to level the playing field for our students.”