Audition series & our new cast member!

Hello Opening Act Community!

Calling all aspiring actors preparing for college auditions! GRAND ARMY’s Brittany Adebumola (OA Alum, OA Artistic Advisory Board Member) has put together a 3-part video series that demystifies the college audition process and empowers young actors to have brave auditions!

If you can’t see the image above, click HERE to watch all three videos!


Empower is one of Opening Act’s six core values! In our classrooms and on our stages, we strive to empower students and alums with tools to feel confident and promote self-actualization!


Oshadi Kelly, Opening Act’s new Director of Advancement, is a native Brooklynite with a passion for arts and a career dedicated to raising funds to support mission-driven organizations to do life-saving and life-changing work. We are so grateful to have Oshadi in the Opening Act cast. Check out her full bio HERE!



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Thanks for reading, friends! Stay well, and we hope to see you at Hi Noon Improv tomorrow!

Onwards and upwards!
Opening Act