2014 Power of 10 – BECOME A TEAM LEADER!

Opening Act’s #POWEROF10 Campaign
November 12 – 21, 2014: 10 Days to Raise $50,000!

Opening Act’s #POWEROF10 Campaign is about making a small investment ($10!) for a BIG impact. To help us reach our ambitious (and achievable!) goal of reaching 15 programs by Fall 2015, we’re asking our friends and supporters to become Team Leaders. What’s new in the #POWEROF10 Campaign and why are Team Leaders so necessary to achieving this goal? See what Suzy, Caleb, and Dashawn have to say!

Team Leaders are the individuals who make this campaign happen! To be a Team Leader means to ask 10 friends to give $10 each — that’s it! To find out more click Be a Team Leader. If we work together, we can raise $50,000 in 10 days!

This is the #POWEROFYOU, the #POWEROFUS, the #POWEROF10.