We came #TOGETHER…


“Opening Act didn’t give me the confidence to act. It gave me the confidence to be me.”

-Elijah Callahan, Opening Act Alum

Over the course of 10 days, 1031 individuals #SHOWEDUP in a big way for our students to be able to amplify their voices. Our #STORIES are what brings us #TOGETHER. Opening Act is working to build a stage big enough for everyone to tell their own #STORIES and your support of this work is a brave and powerful choice.

We’d like to take a moment to say THANK YOU…


Through individual contributions and our generous challenge grant from IHS Markit, we raised $110,000!!

Didn’t get a chance to donate during the campaign?

There’s still time for folks to jump on stage! #INCLUDINGYOU! DONATE! Every dollar makes a huge impact on our programs and students.

We cannot possibly thank our extraordinary Team Leaders* enough for going ABOVE AND BEYOND. Thank you also to the incredible team who helped us create our Daily Sparks: Jacob Gabbard, Benjamin Lundberg Torres Sànchez, Haldane McFall, Kelly Rockwell, Stewart Villilo, Teaching Artists, Alums, Board Members, and our incredibly dedicated staff! And last, but certainly not least, our AMAZING sponsor, IHS Markit!

With gratitude,

Erika & all of Opening Act

*Thank You, Extraordinary Team Leaders!
Alex Scoolis, Alexon Dos Santos, Ali Kamin, Allie Waxman, Allison Matty, Amanda Granacher, Anastasia Pronin, Andrew Freese, Andrew Schorr, Anna Lewis, Armani Johnson, Ashia Johnson, Ashley Ortiz, Ayana Walker, Benjamin Lundberg, Brian Wilkens, Brittany Adebumola, Cathleen Carr, Chris Wilkens, Christy Johnson, Claire Florian, Cleo Fleming, Cynthia Fontaine, Dan Buell, David Hsia, Diane Jackson, Ebony Clendenin, Elizabeth Buckley Lewis, Emily Comisar, Erika Atkins, Florinda Montanaro, Frank Vesce, Gabrielle Gilliam, Gina Lewis, Gregg Arst, Halima Henderson, Hayley Sherwood, Helen Lin, Ileana Agostini, Iliana Guibert, Ira Schreck, James McLoughlin, Jamie Trowbridge, Jen Pehr and Jon Adam Ross, Jennifer Jackson, Jessica Linder, John Cowan, Johnny Mickens, Jonathan Schorr, Joshua Sanchez, Julia Kamin, Julia Sirna-Frest, Justin Daniel, Kandace Pound, Kellee Blades, Kelly Wilkens, Kristine Schweinsberg, Kym Blanchard, Leah and Greg VanHorn, Lisa Akey, Liza Miller, Loren Black, Marcus Johnson, Marion Herbert, Marissa Heringer, Mark Fareri, Matthew Greene, Meghan O’Connor, Michael Fleming, Michael Mastro, Nancy Comerford, Nicole Kwan, Nikki Calliste, Omar Beer, Pam Hacker, Patrick Vassel, Paul Gutkowski, Rachael Abbick, Rahul Tripathi, Rebecca Shafer, Richard Hester, Rohini Pragasam, Sammuel Kim, Sari Granat, Sean Strobel, Theresa Perkins, Tim Shopa, Toby Lawless, Valerie Yuen, Warachal Faison, Zach Seal, and Zena Hinds.